Cancer Quality of Life Survey – Roll out to other cancers


Quality of life means different things to different people, but it matters to everyone. More people are surviving cancer than ever before- but living with cancer, and the effects of its treatment, can have a negative impact on peoples physical, emotion and social wellbeing.

Public health England (PHE) , NHS England and NHS Improvement (MHSE&I) have launched a nationwide Cancer Quality of Life Survey to find out how qual

ity of life may have changed for people diagnosed with cancer. The information collected from the survey will help us to work out how best to support people living with and beyond cancer.


The Cancer Quality of Life Survey launched in September 2020, with invites being sent to a random 10% sample of breast, prostate and colorectal patients.

Following a positive initial response, from December 2020 all patients diagnosed with breast, prostate and colorectal cancer in England are being invited, on a monthly basis, to complete the survey as they become eligible.

Other cancer types will be included from July 2021. Invites will be sent to a random 10% sample of the other cancer types to be involved. If no issues are identified, a full scale up to 100% coverage for all other cancers would commence in October 2021.

The results of the survey will be available from 2021 and will be published on a website called ‘Cancer Data’ which is open to everyone. Users within the NHS will be le to access results of the survey via the CancerStats2 portal.

You can find more information about the Cancer Quality of life Survey at