Personalised Care

Now more than ever, people are are living with and beyond cancer, and the NHS recognises that a good quality of life is as important to people as survival.  In January 2019, NHS England published its ambitious Long Term Plan which sets out a new approach to improve both quality of care and health outcomes.  Personalised care aims to provide patients with access to care and support that "matters to them" to meet their individual needs and to enable them to live a full, healthy, active lifestyle.

Receiving care tailored to the persons needs can have significant impacts on their experience and their quality of life. Personalised care can include helping people to access financial, emotional, psychological and social support as well as providing them with information on managing their lifestyles, treatment and therapies available.

The Peninsula Cancer Alliance is working to ensure that every person receives personalised care and support following a cancer diagnosis and onwards. Please click on the links below for further information:

The MySunrise App is now available across the Peninsula, if you want to find out more about what the app is about and how to download it please follow the link below.

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