Faster Diagnosis Standard

NHS England and NHS Improvement have set out their NHS Cancer Programme Strategic approach to the faster diagnosis of cancer which, in particular, will bring together the separate objectives relating to Rapid Diagnostic Centres (RDCs) and the Faster Diagnosis Standard best practice timed pathways.

The faster diagnosis programme will now be the umbrella term used to describe:

  1. The development of non-specific symptom pathways .
  2. Improving existing pathways in line with the faster diagnostic principles and best practice pathways.

For patients with suspected cancer, the Faster Diagnosis Programme aims to deliver:

  • An earlier and faster diagnosis to patients, whether or not they are ultimately diagnosed with cancer
  • Excellent patient experience, a holistic assessment of patient needs and streamlined support across community, primary and secondary care.
  • Increased capacity in the system through more efficient diagnostic pathways.
  • Support systems to reach the Faster Diagnosis Standard.

In 2022/2023 the Peninsula Cancer Alliance is continuing to support the implementation of and monitoring of best practice pathways and the implementation of NSS pathways across the region.