COVID 19 - Guidance for Cancer Services

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NHS Cancer Programme: Cancer services recovery plan

General guidance:

Third Phase of NHS Response to Covid19, 31st July 2020:



South West Cancer Alliance, 17th April 2020:


Interim treatment change options during the COVID-19 pandemic, date to be confirmed:


Clinical radiology resources, 9th April 2020:

Specialty guide for endoscopy and Coronavirus, 7th April 2020:


Speciality guides, 6th April 2020:

Management of proton beam therapy, 7th April 2020:

NIHR Clinical trials guidance, 3rd April 2020:


Covid 19 Rapid Guideline: Delivery of Systemic Anticancer Treatments, 20th March 2020:


Covid 19 Rapid Guideline: Delivery of Radiotherapy, 28th march 2020

Covid 19 Raid Guidelines : Arranging planned care in hospitals and diagnostic services, 27th July 2020:

Acute treatment of Cancer, 23rd March 2020:


Public Health and Government Guidance

Health Education England

e-learning programme in response to COVID-19

Personalised Care

Implementing Personalised Stratified Follow-Up Pathway, NHS (2020):

stratified-pathways-update Cancer_Stratified_Follow_Up_Handbook_v1_March2020 (1)

Stratified Pathways of care for people living with and beyond cancer. A "How to Guide", NCIS (2013):