Find out more about the Fern Centre in North Devon!

The Fern Centre offers information and support to those affected by cancer as well as their families by offering a warm, welcoming environment providing comfort and care away from the clinical setting. The Centre provides a drop-in facility where one of our friendly volunteers would be happy to help you find the information or support you may need. The Fern Centre has information on various diagnoses and treatments as well as how to stay healthy and protect your well-being during your cancer journey.

Recently the Peninsula Cancer Alliance Inters from Bath Spa University spent the day with the team at The Fern Centre and created some videos to show what the centre is and how their workshops are run.

The first video explains what the Fern centre is and why it is important for the people in North Devon to be able to access these services. 


The second video explores the workshops that take place at the fern centre. 

More information can be found at About the Fern Centre – Royal Devon Hospitals Charity (