It’s Time To Talk About Bladder Cancer

May is Bladder Cancer Awareness month.

Action Bladder Cancer is part of a global group of bladder cancer organisations – the World Bladder Cancer Patient Coalition – who are working together to raise awareness of bladder cancer, the over-looked needs of patients and the need for action.

If you would like to help spread the word, fundraise to support their much needed work or help as a volunteer – you can get in touch with them on: or check their website for updates and materials: Action Bladder Cancer UK

Knowing the symptoms of bladder cancer is very important – it can often be diagnosed late.  Their Symptoms Guide is clear and easy to understand – if you notice anything unusual, do get it checked out, don’t delay…

ABC UK Bladder Cancer Symptoms Guide – pass this on, help others to know what to look out for and when to take action


ABC UK Top 10 Tips Primary Care – a guide for GPs to assist with earlier diagnosis of bladder cancer

ABC UK Top 10 Tips Primary Care.pdf