May is Melanoma Awareness Month!

This May there is a lot happening in the world of skin cancer and there area a variety of awareness campaigns that anyone can get involved with.

Melanoma Awareness Month | Melanoma UK

In May, during Skin Cancer Awareness Month, and part of this year’s Global Coalition work, Melanoma UK will be shining a light on a new public awareness campaign, #becauseIcheckedmyskin, to highlight the scale of unidentified melanoma during the last two years of the COVID pandemic and urges the UK public to get into the habit of conducting monthly skin self-examinations.

As well as providing extensive resources dedicated to helping people check themselves and share their stories, there are also some ideas around creating social media posts and events. All this can be found here.

May is Melanoma Awareness Month – Melanoma Focus

86% of cases of melanoma are preventable yet increasing numbers of people are being diagnosed with melanoma skin cancer.  There are now more than 16,000 new cases each year in the UK.  You can help spread our awareness messages and help reduce cases of melanoma by going onto the Melanoma Focus website and using their tools to help spread the word.

Skin Cancer Awareness Month Toolkit – The Skin Cancer Foundation

Since 1979, The Skin Cancer Foundation has set the standard for educating the public and the medical community about skin cancer, its prevention by means of sun protection, the need for early detection and prompt, effective treatment. This year they have developed a social media toolkit, which gives you downloadable skin cancer graphics and resources to help you #SharetheFacts during Skin Cancer Awareness Month and all year long.

Let’s come together to educate more people about the dangers of skin cancer and help save lives. We’re grateful for everything you do to help spread the word!