Patient Stories from around the Peninsula

These videos have been developed for the My Sunrise App, if you would like to see more information on the app please follow the link. This app has been developed to include helpful videos and tools for cancer patients around Devon, Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.

Anna's Patient Story from Royal Cornwall Hospitals Trust

Anna was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer in 2018 the video below follows her journey from diagnosis to treatment, recovery and her life afterwards.

Martin’s Patient Story from North Devon

Martin was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer following a visit to a WellMan's clinic and a high PSA. In his video he talks about the process he followed to diagnosis and his experiences of choosing his treatment, he details his recovery and the issues he faced as well as how he has overcome them.

Roland’s Patient Story from Plymouth

Roland was diagnosed with Melanoma in 2016 his video covers his journey, the effect it has had on him and he offers some advice on helpful services.