The NHS Long Term Plan for Cancer states that “where appropriate every person diagnosed with cancer will have access to personalised care, including needs assessment, a care plan and health and wellbeing information and support.”

Personalised Care and Support Planning (based on a Holistic Needs Assessment)

An Holistic Needs Assessment (HNA)  is offered following a cancer diagnosis and provides an opportunity to ensure people’s physical, practical, emotional and social needs are identified and addressed at the earliest opportunity. Completion of a HNA ensures peoples needs can be fully identified and that appropriate support can be planned.

End of Treatment Summaries

A detailed summary provided to both patient and GP explaining treatment completed, associated effects of treatment, signs and symptoms of recurrence, after care plan and contact details of any concerns.

Primary Care Cancer Review

An appointment with the patient and GP either face to face or on the telephone;

  • at the time of a patient's diagnosis (within 3 months)
  • after a patient has received acute treatment (within 12 months)

This provides another opportunity to raise any new or ongoing concerns. If appropriate a person can be referred to services or signposted to information and support available in their community and from charities.

Health and Wellbeing Information and Support

Covering  accessible information about emotional support, coping with associated effects of treatment , financial advice, getting back to work and making healthy lifestyle choices. This support will be available before, during and after cancer treatment.