Primary Care Network Cancer Direct Enhancement Scheme 2021/22

The Cancer Alliance has funded delivery of the Primary Care Network (PCN) Cancer DES Programme across both Devon and Cornwall in 2021/22. The programme is providing support to all PCNs and practices with delivering Cancer DES.

The key objectives for the programme are to:

  • Review referral practice for suspected cancers, including recurrent cancers
  • Contribute to improving local uptake of National Cancer Screening Programmes
  • Establish a community of practice between practice-level clinical staff to support delivery of the requirements

All PCNs delivering the DES are receiving support from the Programme Managers to support development of all quality improvement plans and as well as access project management support, webinars and other networking opportunities to develop and share best practice as well as access to pilot programmes.

9 PCNs (4 in Cornwall and 5 in Devon) are accessing an enhanced offer for additional support, receiving funding for roles to support their delivery of the DES, as well as access to a dedicated support offer.

For further information please contact

Kirsten Leslie, Programme Manager (Cornwall):

Ben Smith, Programme Manager (Devon):