Rapid Diagnostic Service for Gynae

 RDS Overview 

The Rapid Diagnostic Service Programme  (RDS)is funded by the Peninsula Cancer Alliance over 5 years and is designed to speed up cancer diagnosis across every pathway and support the alliance ambitions to achieve earlier diagnosis, with improved patient experience, for all patients with cancer symptoms or suspicious results.

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Service proposal for Gynae 

  • Post-Menopausal Bleeding RDC -  Getting as many one stop PMB clinics running as possible and self-referral from GP onto PMB RDC in order  to give the GP the  ability to guide patients into a one stop clinic.
  • PMB RDC offsite into Community diagnostic hubs, for offsite diagnostic capacity.
  • Cervical screening drop in centres- to increase screening rates.
  • Use of Navigators – have been useful in the lung cancer pathway
  • Training academy for ultra-sonography
  • GP Advice and Guidance - to improve referral quality and provide guidance to primary care.

For further information on the Service proposal for Gynae please see the below presentation:

RDS for Gynae - SSG presentation by Sarah-Jane Davies

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