Rapid Diagnostic Service

A new approach to suspected cancer pathways.

Rapid Diagnostic Centres (RDCs) are designed to speed up cancer diagnosis and support our ambitions to achieve earlier diagnosis, with improved patient experience, for all patients with cancer symptoms or suspicious results.

The Long Term Plan commits to the roll-out of new RDCs that bring together modernised kit, expertise and cutting edge innovation, building on 10 models piloted with Cancer Research UK and Macmillan. These centres will begin by focussing on diagnosing patients with non-specific symptoms and who may go to their GP many times before being sent for tests.

The Peninsula Cancer Alliances is establishing non-specific symptom (NSS) Rapid Diagnosis Service, opposed to centres due to the geographic area of the Peninsula for patients presenting with serious, but non-specific cancer symptoms.  This is a new pathway and provides a mechanism to allow patients whom the GP has a high suspicion of cancer but do not fit the criterial for referral on an existing two week wait pathway to undergo further diagnostics in secondary care, urgently.

This programme is funded for the next five years, and work is beginning to implement RDS principles into all tumour sites in the region. Please visit the individual SSG pages for further information.

Covid-19 had an initial impact on the implementation of the NSS programme causing it to pause for four months but it has now restarted and is live in Plymouth, Cornwall and North Devon, with the remaining two trusts soon to follow.


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