About the Lung Health Check Programme

Patients aged between 55 and under 75 years old, who have ever smoked, will be invited by our provider InHealth to be screened for a lung health check.

What happens during the check?

There are two main stages to a Targeted Lung Health Check. The first is an initial assessment with a health professional and the second, if necessary, is a simple scan of the lungs.

Initial assessment:

  • If you are eligible, you will receive a letter inviting you for an initial Lung Health Check. This will take place over the phone.
  • At the Lung Health Check, you will be asked some questions about your breathing, overall lung health, lifestyle and family and medical history.
  • Measurements of your height and weight will be taken.

There are three possible results from your lung health check:

  • No problems found – the nurse may find nothing further
    to investigate and you will be discharged from the lung health check programme. We will write to your GP to tell them this.
  • Referral to your GP – if problem with your breathing or lung health are found, you might be referred to your GP. We will write to your GP so they know about the appointment.
  • Offered a scan of your lungs - whether you are offered a lung scan will depend on your chance of getting lung cancer now or in the future. We work out your risk from your lifestyle, medical and family history. The nurse will help you to choose whether the test is right for you. We will write to your GP so they know about the appointment.

Lung Scan:

  • The lung cancer scan uses a low-dose CT scanner to take a detailed picture of your lungs, to check for the early signs of lung cancer.
  • The appointment will last approximately 30 minutes and you’ll have a chance to ask the nurse any questions.
  • If your scan results come back with signs of anything concerning, you’ll be contacted with further information and referred for further tests and treatment.
  • The lung scan is on a mobile CT van and can take place in a variety of locations including your local hospital, supermarket or local community car park.