After Treatment - What next?

For many patients and their family members, there is a natural period of adjustment physically, emotionally and practically following a cancer treatment. The uncertainty of ‘what next?’ can be scary and challenging.

For a few people active treatment maybe ongoing, for others hormonal treatments may continue for a number of years.
What happens next and how you will be followed up will be discussed with you.

Completing a holistic needs assessment and discussing this with your Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS)/Cancer Support Worker can help identify the support you need and signpost you to the appropriate services. If you would like to complete one please ask CNS/CSW.

Your clinical nurse specialist will carry on supporting you throughout this time and can be contacted if you have particular concerns relating to your cancer. For other health queries you can contact your GP.
Support is also available through your local cancer centre, local support groups and national organizations such as Macmillan or CRUK. A comprehensive listing of these can be found within the Health and Wellbeing Information and support page and via the Cancer Care Map.

If you are unsure and would like more information please ask your CNS or CSW