Personalised Care and Support 

What is Personalised Care and Support (PCS)?

Personalised care and support ensure people’s concerns and needs are fully identified by listening to ‘what matters to you’ and both care and support is planned in partnership with a health care professional.

There are 4 key elements which make up PCS :-

  1. A personalised care and support plan based on a Holistic Needs Assessments
  2. End of Treatment Summary
  3. Cancer Care Review
  4. Health and Wellbeing Information and Support

When delivered together they have the ability to improve a cancer patient’s outcome by ensuring care is:-

  • personalised and tailored to people’s specific needs and conditions
  • based on what matters to people, taking into account their individual strengths, needs and preferences
  • up to date and signposts people to find services that meet their individual needs
  • supportive and helps to detect and manage cancer-related psychosocial problems
  • able to provide more support for those with complex needs, whilst
  • allowing some people access services and care closer to home i.e. by their GP