Brain and Central Nervous System SSG

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Mr Titus Berei - Consultant Neurosurgeon (University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust)
Tenure : November 2019-November 2022  

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Meeting Minutes available by request via the above email address 

The Brain and CNS SSG endeavors to deliver equity of access to the best medical practice for its patient population, promote positive patient experience as well as ensuring that the services provided are safe, efficient and guided by evidence based best practice.

The Peninsula Cancer Alliance hosts a Neuro-Science Centre within Derriford Hospital (Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust), where all patients with Brain and CNS tumors from across the Peninsula are presented and discussed; in addition all of the other Peninsula Trusts (except North Devon) have specialist multi-disciplinary clinics which coordinate and deliver aspects of the patient care pathways in consultation with the Neuro-Science Centre MDT. A CNS from the Neuro-Science Centre MDT attends each local  clinic to ensure continuity of care. Patients from the North Devon District catchment area are managed at RD&E with respect to oncologic treatment.

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